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Start a Dropshipping Business


Starting dropshipping: How to succeed in this business?

If you want to start dropshipping, you need to learn how to create a website as well as how to market and create ads. In this case, here is how you can start dropshipping with a free and a paid training.

Start a Dropshipping Business: How to take your first steps in dropshipping?

You have to know that dropshipping is a concept that consists for a customer to buy a product directly on your website while you have no stock. It is you who will order the product directly from your supplier so that he will ship it not to you but to your customer. This way, you never see the package passing through your home.

You don’t have any stock management and your art is to make effective ads to direct people to your website and sell. You have to create a real online sales tunnel to succeed in selling dropshipped products. The whole idea then is to manage to see good margins in dropshipping in order to finance both your advertising, the products you will buy and ship but also to pay yourself a salary. It is quite possible to make a living in dropshipping, but it is not as easy as you hear from dream sellers.

I’m an experienced and passionate entrepreneur. I want you to know that with a lot of hard work you will be able to make great sales and earn a good living. There is no miracle method, but there are good rules and strategies to apply and analyze constantly. This is the result of all my experience and my mistakes that I propose to you through the two trainings on dropshipping.

Start a Dropshipping Business: Free dropshipping training

Through this free training, I propose you to initiate yourself to dropshipping with the creation of a first store. You will also learn customs fees and how to import and sell your first products. We work with Shopify, but also Woocommerce as well as WordPress and Prestashop.

Actually, it’s to show you and familiarize you with the tool. You don’t need to know how to program a website from scratch. We use CMS. These are services that allow you to create websites very easily without knowing how to program or needing to write a single line of code. It is very practical for the novices and neophytes of Internet.

You can find the playlist of the free dropshipping training I offer below on YouTube. Share it with other friends and people who want to start a business and make a living on the Internet. I deliver new content every week to help you get started with dropshipping. So, starting to earn a living on the Internet with e-commerce and especially dropshipping is a great solution to avoid incurring too many financial costs

Start a Dropshipping Business: The best paid dropshipping training

I then offer dropshipping training with almost 200 videos! I am a marketing professor in universities, the head of a successful online guitar lessons company and the founder of a dynamic business. So I’m giving you all the knowledge you need to start dropshipping efficiently. You’ll even find expert methods to make a real living if you apply them well and work hard. Because yes, you will have to work hard. Everything I show you will save you months or even years of work and learning, because it is a concentrate of all my knowledge that you can apply right now.

If you are a beginner, this is a great way to start dropshipping online. If you already have a little bit of experience, you should know that there are about ten stores open. You will learn a lot of things with me. In particular, you will know how to create a real sustainable company with a sustainable dropshipping? You will also learn how to use advertising levers to increase your profitability, optimize all the ads and create a real brand image with a huge perceived value. Of course, at the end of this dropshipping training, you will be autonomous and you will be able to think and reason by yourself to create your own new strategies to adapt to the market. I welcome you to these two dropshipping courses.

Start a Dropshipping Business: What is dropshipping?

In your online store, you sell the articles of a supplier. The supplier takes care of the delivery of the products sold. In exchange, the supplier agrees to pay you a commission on each sale you make. Indeed, dropshipping is inexpensive, easy to start and without risk. Moreover, to start dropshipping, there are two different ways. First, you will receive the different orders from the customers. Then, you are in charge of fixing the quantity that the supplier must produce. However, if there is an overstock, you will cover the costs. In the second step, the supplier himself receives the orders from your customers. This way, he takes care of the quantity of products to put in place. With this second option, you have the possibility to create your online store without any stock.

In addition, you will be able to concentrate on more important tasks. This way, you don’t have to worry about potential surplus stock problems.

Starting dropshipping: Choosing your Niche

To get started, you’ll need to choose an area of business. You need to know what to sell before you commit yourself. So to succeed, don’t rush and make a careful study of the market. Indeed, you will have no interest in committing yourself to a market that is already full. In this case, you will have to think about differentiating yourself from your potential competitors. Moreover, think about putting your particular touch in order to be noticed.

Search for suppliers

When looking for suppliers, consider other means of research besides Google. Indeed, wholesalers and brands do not advertise the possibility of working with them. It is then up to you to approach these brands directly if you have the possibility. You can also approach professional sellers on the various marketplaces. These include eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, Aliexpress, andsy. In addition, you can also use various tools for the automation of CMS platforms.

Make the development of your online store

To develop your online business, you can use another dropshipping solution like shopify. Indeed, shopify gives you access to many complete video trainings and many modules on entrepreneurship, emailing, SEO. Moreover, it offers you a support with the help of a team of coaches to help you succeed in your business. Moreover, shopify also gives you access to many features. However, you can use the services of a professional developer. Indeed, the latter will provide you with an online store that will meet your needs and the requirements of your prospects. The professional developer is able to produce a platform that works optimally and has a very good ergonomics. In addition, the platform will have the functionality required by an online sales platform.

Work on your SEO

To allow your online store to attract the most prospects, you have to work on your different keywords. So, using tools like Google Keywords Planner, search and find all the queries used by your potential prospects to search for one of your products. The goal is to set up a list of target queries. This list of queries will be inserted in the content and structure of your platform.

Write the descriptions of your products

After setting up your platform, you can get photos from your suppliers and make product sheets. However, in order to have a good referencing, do not copy and paste with other wholesalers’ or brands’ files. Indeed, you must make clear and unique descriptions while taking care to put your different keywords. This work can be time consuming, but you have the possibility to use the services of a freelance writer.

Implement your web marketing strategy

When making your first sales with your online sales platform, think first about promoting it. To do this, create a profile on the social platforms where your targets are located. If your online store offers products exclusively to the general public, then you can use platforms like Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest. If it is a B2B strategy, then the most suitable platforms are Twitter and LinkedIn. Moreover, to carry out advertising campaigns targeted only on your keywords, I advise you to use Google Ads. This way, you will be on the front line when users search on your keywords. You should also think about setting up a blog. This will be done in order to improve your SEO so that you have material to share on social platforms.

On the other hand, you should know that a good marketing strategy is a long term one. The results are not seen immediately. So, to help you have more luck, there are professionals who can help you in the realization of a good marketing strategy.

Analysis and optimization

After the launch of your online business, you will have to do one last exercise. This one consists in doing the analysis and the optimization. In fact, it consists in tracking the data available for the development of your business. To do this, use tools like Google Analytics to analyze the traffic and to evaluate the results related to the conversion of your lead acquisition channel.


To conclude, you should know that dropshipping is very interesting. Indeed, it is a business that will allow you to develop in a very fast way and consequently to reach your goal of gaining your financial independence. Moreover, starting dropshipping does not require any logistic management. So, to start in online business, I advise you to start dropshipping. You will be able to evolve step by step to build your business and evolve in e-commerce. In dropshipping, contrary to online business, there are less factors to take into account. Moreover, managing a business for a beginner would be very complicated and time consuming. However, to start dropshipping, I advise you to follow a training. This will allow you to educate yourself on the attitudes to have to reach your goals. If you work well, you will be able to develop your business in a few days.

Transparency: I may receive affiliate compensation for some of the links below, at no cost to you if you decide to purchase a paid plan. You can read our affiliate statement in our privacy policy. This site is not intended to provide financial advice. It is for entertainment purposes only.

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