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Triune brain & Neuromarketing


The triune brain IN 3 parts: reptilian, limbic and cortex

The triune brain is a very important element in marketing and more precisely in neuromarketing. It allows us to understand that three parts of the brain (reptilian, limbic and cortex) act in a permanent way on our will to make a purchase. It is in your interest to convince these three brains!

The three parts of the triune brain

Human beings are endowed with a very complex brain that allows us to manage our emotions, our desires and our logical reasoning at the same time. Of course, there are other parts of the brain. The three parts that we will discover together through this tutorial will allow you to better organize your speech and develop a powerful visual and storytelling to convince the visitor to become a prospect or a customer.

The reptilian for primary instincts

The reptilian brain is present in every animal or human being. It is this last one that allows us to have our primitive abilities like eating, drinking, reproducing or with need of some security. Here is an example when your visitor arrives on your e-commerce site or your application: if he doesn’t feel safe, if the site doesn’t have a stable layout and is not reassuring, you will simply scare the reptilian part which is the foundation of his buying process. No one would put their credit card in on a shady site! So improve your customer’s experience as much as possible, the visuals and reassure them that you exist. If you have not succeeded in convincing the reptilian, you will not be able to convert the other parts of the brain!

The limbic which is the emotional brain

The limbic is located just after the reasoning of the reptilian. It is the seat of our emotions, our instinct and our first learning. It is also called the emotional brain. You will succeed in convincing him by making him feel good and by making him feel a mental projection. The product you are showing is a cap? Don’t just show a cap, show the person in action, traveling with that cap, that they have style and class! The limbic brain allows the customer to feel good and that your message touches them.

The cortex for logic and reflection

The cortex (or neo-cortex in some schemes) is the reasoning and logic part. It contains all your intelligence, your creativity and your reflection. It is what distinguishes you mainly from an animal even if the latter has one too, but less developed! It is the one that will interpret for example the fact that his purchase is a good opportunity or necessary.

It will compare the price to a range of its expenses, measure if it really needs it or even search tirelessly for a promotion or more precise information on your site. If you are selling a computer, it is the cortex that will look for the features and the price/quality ratio of the components. If you remember the cartoons “Cortex and Minus”, it was Cortex who was the great strategist and brain of the gang 🙂 If this made you smile, then I managed to convince your limbic brain. Magic isn’t it?

How to convince the brain to sell better in neuromarketing?

It is important to understand that there is of course a pyramid structure. We must convince the reptilian at first, which is the base of everything. Then the limbic and finally the cortex. Of course, we are not all the same and a very small minority will be able to bypass this rule. However, I strongly and sincerely encourage you to consider that everyone works like that. You must therefore present a stable and beautiful site, emphasize the security of payment and delivery for the reptilian. The limbic will then be convinced by the emotional side of your speech, your images and if the purchase of this product allows it to fulfill a real desire. For the cortex, it will be necessary to play marketing strategies to incite it to make the purchase now. It is now that he must buy and take advantage of your offer, but in two days.

The psychology of the user and its interpretation has a fundamental role in the success of your sales. Not understanding how a human being works, even if you are one, is a fundamental mistake that many of your competitors make, so take advantage of it! In fact, we have hundreds of other such tips in our online marketing training courses 🙂

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