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Jasper AI SEO, Jarvis AI or Jarvis : The content creation tool


The evolution of technology has given birth to tools that work with artificial intelligence. This artificial intelligence is then integrated with various tools and software to make things easy and fast.

The Jarvis SEO tool uses AI. It was created in 2015 by Dave Rogenmoser and was taken over by the company Conversion AI LLC located in Austin, Texas. It is a content generation tool. A company or even a digital marketing agency can use it to do content marketing. Freelancers such as editors, copywriters, bloggers or proofreaders can also use it.

Jarvis SEO or Jarvis AI is now better known as Jasper AI. The name was changed because it sounds like Tony Stark’s AI assistant in the Marvel movie Iron Man. Without further ado, find out everything there is to know about the Jasper AI content creation tool.

Jasper AI: What is it?

Jasper AI, formerly known as Jarvis SEO or Jarvis AI, is software that works with artificial intelligence. It is used to create articles and texts for the web or social networks.

It also allows the creation of email content for a mailing campaign strategy, advertising texts such as Facebook Ads or Google AdWords, content for blogging, content for e-commerce (product descriptions, product sheets, etc.), video teasers, and many others.

Jarvis AI allows you to create content quickly and easily. It is also a tool that allows you to improve your content. It is also available in several languages, which avoids the need to use additional tools such as Google Translate or Deepl.

1. Jasper AI: The SEO Jarvis

Jasper AI is a true SEO Jarvis, as it allows all content creators to create articles and texts quickly with SEO optimization capability. The artificial intelligence used by this tool has writing capabilities close to those of professional writers. More than 50,000 content creators already use it, including Google, Airbnb, IBM, etc.

It can also be integrated with Surfer SEO. This allows semantic optimization of content. Other features are also offered by this tool for the creation or correction of content.

2. Jarvis SEO: Jasper AI Models

Jarvis AI or Jasper AI is a popular tool for those looking to create content. In fact, the software offers several AI templates. This software has the AIDA framework and the PAS framework.In addition to this, it also has content enhancement, product description creation, blog post introduction paragraph creation, creative story creation, sentence enrichment, etc.

3. The AIDA Framework

This is an AI model designed to help those who wish to create content of awareness, interest, action or desire. This type of content is often used as part of a web marketing strategy, whether on the internet or on social media. This AI model even allows for email marketing campaigns.

In short, if you are struggling to reach your target via traditional marketing, if you want to increase your brand awareness, but are struggling with content marketing, this AIDA framework from the Jarvis SEO tool may be for you.

4. The PAS framework

The PAS or Problem Agitate Solve framework is also an AI model proposed by the Jasper AI tool. It is a useful framework for content creators who want to respond to the problems of their targets.

5. Content improvement

Thanks to Jarvis SEO, it is possible to refine and optimize already written content. Its IA model is content enhancement. First, you have to upload the content to be improved. The software then suggests the improvements you need to make.

It is a solution that allows you to quickly touch up your blog posts, pages of your site, etc. Thanks to the improvement proposed by the tool, the SEO of the contents will be optimized and will be able to be ranked easily in the search engines.

6. Product description for e-commerce

To reach your target easily and encourage purchase, you need to optimize the product description and Jarvis SEO makes it easy and fast to do so.

The tool provides an AI product description template that helps content creators write a good description for e-commerce. The resulting description is compelling as it highlights all the strengths, features and benefits of the product in question.

7. The AI template for creating introductory paragraphs for a blog post

Jasper AI also offers an AI template for the introductory paragraph of a blog post. This template can be used to create an engaging paragraph to capture the attention of the target audience. It can also be used for the opening paragraph of other content.

In any case, thanks to this Jasper AI template, readers will want to read the rest of an article because of the introductory paragraph created by the AI template.

The AI model of creative storytelling

Stories can be integrated into your content strategy. Of course, they are not really directly related to marketing, but they still allow for audience retention. Stories can also be used to attract new prospects.

With this AI model, you won’t be stuck with creative. You won’t suffer from writer’s block. In addition to allowing the creation of a creative story, the model allows you to define the tone of the content (funny, sarcastic, etc.).

8. The Sentence Expander Model

The Sentence Expander model allows you to improve the quality of your writing. Note that in the SEO strategy, the quality of content is important and thanks to Jarvis SEO or Jasper AI, you can improve your content easily and quickly.

The tool allows for example the transformation of a simple sentence into a complex sentence. It is also possible to change the initial meaning of the content or to make the content more sophisticated.

9. Persuasive Bullet Points template

This template proposed by Jarvis SEO is useful if you want a persuasive content. Therefore, it is perfect for a marketing strategy. With this template, it is possible to persuade audiences with a list of relevant points.

For an email campaign, an advertising campaign or a sales page, this tool allows you to get relevant and persuasive content quickly.

10. The template for creating teasers and introducing the video script

This template is perfect for those who have a YouTube channel. Thanks to Jarvis AI, it is possible to create video content that will hook audiences quickly. It is possible to write a catchy teaser or introduction easily.

11. Jasper Art : The AI image generator

Jasper Art is also one of the AI templates offered by Jarvis AI. The generator offers artworks to users with just a few clicks. So, the tool helps in writing, but also in creating images. It is possible to use these images for advertisements, illustrations, image thumbnails, etc.

12. Jarvis SEO: A tool that integrates with other software

Jarvis SEO is a tool that can be integrated with other software to make it even easier for users. For natural referencing, for example, Jasper AI integrates with Surfer SEO. For impeccable content quality, the tool integrates with Grammarly. It also integrates with the plagiarism checker Copyscape.

13. Jasper AI and Surfer SEO

Jarvis SEO is handy for SEO-optimized content creators, as it integrates seamlessly with Surfer SEO. It is a handy tool for SEO. With this integration, it is possible to check keyword density and other key factors for SEO. This integration allows you to have a better visibility on search engines.

14. Jarvis SEO and Grammarly

Jarvis SEO also integrates with Grammarly to allow content creators to avoid grammatical errors. With this integration, it is possible to check grammar in just a few clicks for error-free content.

15. Jarvis AI and Copyscape

To enable non-plagiarized content marketing, Jarvis SEO offers an integration with Copyscape. This plagiarism checker will inform you if the content generated by the software is original or if there is duplicated content.

Other possible integrations with Jasper AI

Jarvis AI or Jasper AI also offers convenient integrations to make it easier for content creators. Some of the integrations we can mention are:

  • Google Sheets: to make it easy to import data from this tool to Jasper AI.
  • Salesforce – to synchronize customer data from Salesforce and Jasper AI
  • Zapier: for connecting to over 1,500 applications for easy task and workflow automation and improved productivity

How do I use Jarvis SEO or Jasper AI?

The Jarvis SEO tool is easy to use. If you’re having trouble getting the hang of it, you can check out our Bootcamp for a better understanding. A responsive Facebook community can also provide you with the help you need or the answers to your questions.

What you should know is that Jarvis AI offers several AI models. You need to choose the right template depending on the content you want to create. In short, using Jasper AI depends on what you want to do. Do you want to generate a paragraph, a product description, or a blog post?

Using Jasper AI or Jarvis SEO to generate a paragraph

To use Jarvis AI or Jasper AI to generate a paragraph, you need to use the paragraph generator AI template. You will have access to this AI template in the dashboard of the software by clicking on the templates section and choosing the appropriate template.

You will then be redirected to a page where you must indicate what you want the software to say in the paragraph concerned. If you want well optimized content, specify the appropriate keywords. This option is optional, but it is advisable to fill in the keywords if you want the content to be referenced.

You can also indicate the tone you want to give to this paragraph (funny, professional, casual, etc.).it only remains to define the input and output language and click on “Generate”.

Using Jasper AI or Jarvis AI to create an Amazon product description

For those who need content to feed and animate an e-commerce site, it is possible to use Jasper AI or Jarvis SEO to generate Amazon product descriptions, for example. If you need this kind of option, go to the dashboard of the software and access the “templates” section.

You then need to choose the template by opting for “Amazon Product Description”. Specify the name of the product, benefits, features, functionality, writing tone and input and output language. All that remains is to choose the number of description outputs and click on “Generate”.

Use Jarvis SEO or Jasper AI to create a blog post

For a blog post, you need to click on “Templates” in the
Jasper AI dashboard. You must choose the “Documents” template. The software will then give you two options. Either start a post from scratch, or go for “Blog Publishing Workflow”.

You need to describe the content you want to create and provide a description of about 1,000 characters. Be very specific, as this will allow the software’s AI to figure out what you want to create. Once this is done, indicate keywords for (3 maximum).

After these steps, you must propose a title for the article, but you can also choose a title generation by clicking on “Generate 3 ideas”. Also propose an introduction paragraph or let Jasper SEO’s AI choose it for you by clicking on “Generate 3 ideas”.

Then open the editor by clicking on “Open editor”, propose an editorial plan and generate the content you need. If you wish, you can ask the AI to generate an outline for you by clicking on “Blog Post Outline”. Then choose the length of your post and let the software do the rest.

These are the most common uses of Jarvis AI, but as mentioned earlier, the software offers various AI templates. You can use it in other ways (for example, to create a biography, Google AdWords ads for search engine optimization, product features, etc.). You just need to choose the template you need in the dashboard and follow the instructions of the software.

The plans proposed by Jarvis AI

Jarvis AI or Jarvis SEO offers 3 price plans depending on your needs and budget. You can choose between the starter, boss mode and business plan. You can also test the tool for free during 5 days before deciding.

A 5-day free trial

The 5-day free trial is available to all users. During this trial period, it is possible to take advantage of the tool, but also to generate 10,000 words for free. You just need to use a Google account for example to start in free mode for 5 days.

The Starter plan to get started

If you are convinced after the 5-day trial, you can start with the Starter plan. It costs $24 per month and allows you to generate 20,000 words per month. This pricing plan provides access to more than 50 AI templates, supports more than 20 languages, and gives access to chat support in case of problems.

The Boss plan to get the most out of the software

The Boss price plan costs $49 per month. It allows you to generate 50,000 words per month. It provides access to all the features of the Starter price plan, which includes a Google Docs-style editor, maximum content analysis and composition and ordering features.

The Business plan: the customized plan

This is a custom plan with personalized features and prices. This pricing plan also provides access to a dedicated account manager, various billing options for more flexibility, professional technical support, etc.

Pros and Cons of Jasper AI or Jarvis SEO

Jarvis SEO software is perfect for those who want to create content to put online on the web or on social networks. For a company, it is a godsend, because it allows to save on the costs of a writer or a community manager.

The tool gives the possibility to create a content able to generate qualified traffic. The e-commerce conversion rate is also better thanks to this software. In short, the tool allows you to make effective content marketing.

You can use it to create blog posts, website pages, product content, ads (Facebook Ads, Google Ads), etc. The software offers various AI templates according to your needs and also integrates with various tools like Copyscape for plagiarism checking for example.

Another advantage with Jarvis SEO or Jasper AI is its simplicity. Although comprehensive, the software is easy to use. You don’t need any successful digital marketing or web marketing training to use it.

Plus, the software provides a Bootcamp to help you get the most out of Jasper AI. You can use it to learn about the features and to get familiar with the tool. There is also a Jasper AI Facebook group you can join to learn more about the software.

Jasper AI does have a few drawbacks. The tool cannot run by itself. It requires verification on the part of the user. The user has to study the proposed content to see if it is relevant or if it needs to be improved.

Apart from that, the software is not yet usable on mobile devices. It is currently only suitable for desktop platforms. Jarvis AI is also still a limited software in terms of generated words, even with the Boss Mode plan.

Otherwise, it is also a software that cannot work in offline mode. It can only be used with a connection. After that, since Jasper AI is still in its infancy, it can still be improved.

Alternatives to Jasper AI, Jarvis SEO or Jarvis AI

More and more content creation tools that work with artificial intelligence are emerging. So there are alternatives to Jarvis SEO. Among these alternatives, there is Outranking which is SEO oriented and allows you to optimize content. However, the software offers several features that are quite difficult to learn. The price offered is also quite expensive compared to Jarvis SEO.

After that, there is Writersonic which is a software for creating marketing content (landing pages, etc.). It integrates various platforms like Wix, Shopify, WordPress, etc. It also allows the optimization of content directly on professional networks like Google Docs, Gmail or Linkedin. The packages are more affordable compared to Jasper AI, but the features are few.

There is also which is an interesting alternative if you don’t have a budget but you want to use a content creation tool. This software is available for free. This free version allows you to use 90 writing tools, but the number of words supported is very limited (only 2000 words per month). If you want to manage more words, you have to choose a paid package that varies according to the number of users and the number of words you want.

Transparency: I may receive affiliate compensation for some of the links below, at no cost to you if you decide to purchase a paid plan. You can read our affiliate statement in our privacy policy. This site is not intended to provide financial advice. It is for entertainment purposes only.

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