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How to youtube podcast: Material Needed


The complete material to make podcast on youtube

As an entrepreneur, community manager, trainer or podcaster, it is important to produce yourself in video. Whether it’s through a webinar, videos on youtube or facebook, video can create an incredible connection between your company and the community. Here is all the material you need to produce your own video content.

Why make Podcast video on youtube?

This allows you to build trust with the user and to promote your product as easily. With a podcast, you prove that the pedagogy used was highly effective. So, here is all the material you need to create a webinar or podcast.

The perfect material to make podcast and webinar on youtube

It is important to distinguish two things:

  1. There are webinars, so live broadcasts where you will exchange with your community who will ask you questions via chat. This is what we were doing with MyMusicTeacher.
  2. There are podcast videos, pre-recorded, that you will broadcast on youtube or facebook and that are not live. That’s what Norman, Cyprien, Squeezy do for example.

Also, there are fake webinars, very common among glassy marketers but devilishly interesting: they record a video and then broadcast it live. They then synchronize programmed questions by robots that will be asked in the chat and pretend to answer them live. They pretend to be live in the video asking you “can you hear me well?” and the bots answer “yes great etc!”. They ask if the audience has any questions, pretend to read the chat and like magic, a programmed robot asks a question that makes sense in relation to the content and the marketer rushes to answer it. It’s interesting because yes, everything is automated and you don’t need to do live chats all the time and I understand that perfectly. However, it’s unbelievable bullshit and taking the piss out of people. It’s unacceptable to say it’s a live show and make it sound like you mean it when it’s not. Some marketers play on that by saying “be careful, it won’t be a real live show”, a much better proof of honesty.

So for live videos, you don’t need the same equipment as for non-live videos. Here’s everything you need to know and what gear for a very affordable price 🙂

The equipment to make a recorded video podcast

To film and have a quality video image

Here, you have a considerable advantage over live video: you can use your smartphone to film yourself! If you have a good quality camera (like the Sony Z3,Z4,Z5 series, the LG G6 which is wonderful, the Iphones or the samsung galaxy S7, S8 or more), you will certainly not need to buy an extra camera.

You will have an excellent image provided that you have good lighting! You should know that smartphones do very well in video in case the lighting is good.

So you can film with :

  • Your smartphone if you invest in white light
  • A good quality compact camera, a hybrid or a reflex which is more cumbersome but will allow a very good image. (Canon, Sony and Nikon are excellent)
  • A camera, but not many people use a real camera nowadays, as reflex cameras are excellent and smartphones are more and more powerful. If you have a Go pro or an action cam, it will do very well !

You must pay attention to these criteria: That your camera can shoot in Full HD (1920*1080) at a minimum of 24fps. The more fps you have, the more frames per second you will be able to do slow motion and have a fluid image. Moreover, get ready for 4K! Many devices are now filming in 4K and it will soon be the standard on Youtube.

Lighting and lamps

There are two types of lights:

  • Warm and orange lights that are typical of light bulbs and lighting inside a house.
  • White lights that mimic sunlight.

Thus, prefer white light to have a natural lighting and in correspondence with the natural light that you will get if you film near a window. Avoid mixing these two types of colors.

You need 2 or 3 spots maximum! The best thing would be to also have white umbrellas to soften the light. If you don’t have any, here’s a little tip: buy wooden clothespins and use baking paper. This will make a homemade diffuser that will make the light softer and more diffused.

Try to place a light behind you to eliminate shadows. However, if you have a lot of light in a room, take advantage of it and film yourself facing the window!

The microphone to record the voice

You can use the excellent Sony TX650B tie microphone/dictaphone which is a reference for 150$. You just have to put it in a clip on your Tshirt and it’s done! You will avoid having too many cables and investing in an external sound card.

If, however, you want to work on your sound and have an even better sound, you can invest in a usb mixer or an external sound card in the hundreds of euros. Yamaha, Roland and M-Audio make them for an excellent quality-price ratio.

You will then have to invest in a Neutrik XLR cable and a microphone at a good hundred euros. Shure microphones are a reference, such as the SM7B or the SM58. Count there also between 80 and 400 euros. You can also try USB microphones at your own risk with a very strong background noise.

And don’t forget a good headset to mix your sound. These headphones must be monitoring headphones. It allows you to hear the pure signal without any modification!

How is the recording and video production going?

  1. Start recording on your camera, still camera or smartphone
  2. Start recording the sound with your dictaphone or external card
  3. Clap your hands to get a cue clap. This will allow you to synchronize the sound of your microphone and the video.
  4. Shoot your video and import this data into your video editing software
  5. Synchronize the tracks in relation to the clap and keep only the one taken by the microphone
  6. Arrange your video as you wish, export in H264 or a format adapted for Youtube (adobe première pro will offer you a special format in HD for youtube when exporting)
  7. Import your video on Youtube or Facebook and publish it

The equipment to make live youtube or facebook

Live broadcasting has its constraints, such as the speed of your internet connection or the fact that you absolutely cannot use a dictaphone! Unless it is equipped with a bluetooth or wifi transmitter, but it will have cost you a lot of money.

If you are doing a live recording with your smartphone

If you are in a quiet space, your built-in microphone will do fine. Otherwise, use a hands-free kit!

Prefer the camera that is not on the side of your screen to get the best video quality! Besides, there’s nothing more horrible than someone shaking while holding their smartphone. You can easily find a smartphone stand in stores or a telescopic pole.

If you are doing a live broadcast from your computer

You can use your computer’s built-in camera and an external sound card, making sure you have selected this new microphone input when you start the live stream. You can use for example a software like OBS Streaming or Xsplit to allow a better configuration of the image. Then simply redirect the stream to Youtube, Facebook, Twitch or your favorite live site. There are hundreds of tutorials on Youtube to teach you how to direct this stream very easily.

Otherwise, don’t hesitate to buy an external USB webcam to get a better video and sound quality. For example, the C930e from logitechs are rather good value for money.

The connection and the format and resolution of the live stream

The better the sound and image you send, the more demanding it will be for your connection. A 128kbps audio stream is more than enough for a quality live stream. For the image, a 480p or 720p stream is already very interesting. The more you increase, the more you risk to have cuts depending on your connection.

On a smartphone, you can do a live stream as soon as you are in 4G minimum. On a computer, it will take about 5mbps of transmission. For this, you can do a test on this site to test the speed and performance of your Internet connection.

Which software should I use to work on my sound and video?

To edit your video, I recommend AdobePremière Pro or Sony Vegas on Windows. If you are on a Mac, you can use the excellent Final Cut. Learning to edit video is very easy. The software is intuitive and you will find a lot of training to learn how to edit your videos on youtube.

To capture and process the sound, there are Cubase, ProTools or Reaper. However, the use of these softwares remains complex. I invite you to try Audacity which is completely free, basic and intuitive.

Transparency: I may receive affiliate compensation for some of the links below, at no cost to you if you decide to purchase a paid plan. You can read our affiliate statement in our privacy policy. This site is not intended to provide financial advice. It is for entertainment purposes only.

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