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Dropshipping Suppliers Eu: Full List


List of dropshipping suppliers in Europe

Here is a list of dropshipping suppliers in Europe. These dropshipping suppliers can come from France, England, Germany, Spain, Italy or other countries in the European Union. They allow faster delivery and also can allow you to resell brands. This list is not exhaustive and I invite you to read the following tutorial to find better dropshipping suppliers who will be happy to work with you. You will find the list at the bottom of this article.

How to get high quality dropshipping suppliers?

We often tend to search on Google the word dropshipping + the name of the product or the niche we are interested in. This reaction is quite normal and it is the one that allows you to find this list of suppliers within the European Union that you will find below. Nevertheless, there is another method that would allow you to clearly distinguish yourself from your competitors and to obtain better quality products with a better delivery time.

The method is very simple. You just have to Google the products or niches you are interested in and try to find a craftsman or a small company or even a start-up that works in the subject you are interested in. These companies may want to offer products on the Internet but do not know how to market it. By dint of doing e-commerce and dropshipping, you have acquired knowledge in marketing, website design and advertising strategy. You can then approach them to propose a win-win partnership. For example, you can ask them to create the website and to take care of the sale of the products and the marketing strategy. Otherwise, if you don’t want to commit yourself so much with this company, you can propose to market their products on your website. In this case they will give you a good price and you will be able to make margins. E-merchants are in the same relationship as traditional merchants who sell with physical stores, they must establish a relationship of trust and establish the logistics.

These companies have everything to gain by having a new reseller. Indeed, you will be able to talk about them, allow them to have new sales and also gain visibility. Of course, when you approach these companies, you must show a quality image at all costs. The image of a brand is precious and you must not damage it. You can set up a website with local products from various producers in your region and ask them to ship them. You can also turn into a real e-commerce site and ship the products for them. It all depends on what you are interested in. You will then get suppliers with unique products that few people will have, in Europe, in France or even in your region.

The list of dropshipping suppliers in Europe

Here is a list of dropshipping and wholesale suppliers in Europe. This list is updated regularly to offer you new possibilities:

AliExpress and Alibaba have warehouses in Europe where you can order directly and thus reduce delivery times. Always test the delivery of your products, because despite this, some products can come directly from China instead of Europe or Hong Kong. We are here on a generalist supplier (PS: never import the product sheets of these wholesalers and don’t forget to keep your accounting up to date with a good invoicing system).

BigBuy offers products with stocks in Europe. The price of its service and the small choice of products in some niches did not convince me at all. However, in my opinion, it is a company that will improve and that we must follow its evolution which will only be positive.

Brandsdistribution offers quality clothing made in Italy and Germany. If you want to dropship clothes, this is a much better opportunity than AliExpress or Alibaba.

Etsy is a platform that offers a catalog of handmade or artisanal products. These products are of very high quality and it is possible to do dropshipping with them. Unfortunately the situation of this company is not good since several months. It is therefore necessary to check its evolution. It is part of the platforms I prefer to dropship to find an original product that sells! For example washable towels, decorations or organic products to remove makeup.

SaleHoo is a platform that will list wholesalers with some suppliers in Europe. Unfortunately, you have to pay to have unlimited access for one year to its directory of suppliers, accessories and products.

Ecopresto is a French company that has just launched. Although the number of products offered is not yet staggering, you can find some nuggets in certain niches and interesting pieces.
You will find a very nice list of dropshipping suppliers in France by simply searching for “artisan boutique” on google, you can do the same search for small and medium sized companies looking for a sales partner. This way you will get a quality product with very short delivery times 😉 Are for me the best dropshipping suppliers in Europe.

There is also the amazing CJ dropshipping which is added to the list and allows ultra fast deliveries from China. I’m going to skip it because you can ship in 5 to 12 days with them! It allows me to do a good research of suppliers while optimizing the work of the carriers, it is a trusted intermediary.

We could also talk about market places like Cdiscount, Ebay, Amazon or even Le Bon Coin, some of them are very imaginative, but I prefer to give you a list of real suppliers dedicated to import/export in dropshipping. You can also suggest in the comments other suppliers that I can add! Have a good treasure hunt! By the way, it’s great to have a European supplier if you sell in Europe, you won’t have import vat and customs fees 😉 Finding suppliers to sell in Europe and reduce delivery times means searching in the heart of the territory. It will be much easier there to negotiate preferential rates in your native language rather than in Chinese. And if you buy organic products, you know that they are up to standard here. As for the logistics, you will have no more delay problem, a good follow-up as soon as the products are shipped and a much easier stock management. I prefer to waste a little more time looking for that rare pearl than to go directly to an e-commerce store with a product on the other side of the world, which sometimes does not fill its shipments. If you are looking for a supplier, just search “dropshipping supplier” on google. You will find the right suppliers quickly, Chinese wholesalers and French or European suppliers! You can find them in electronics, lingerie, food or white label.

Small precision, some use marketplaces as suppliers. In other words, find a supplier on Amazon or Cdiscount pro and resell these same products on your store. This is the art of marketing. But it becomes dropshipping of dropshippers… By using this very borderline method, you benefit from the work on shipping costs and delivery times, while not having to play the shipper or manage the carrier. I absolutely do not recommend this technique of placing an order on a known marketplace to resell at a higher price, do not forget that you must bring a maximum value to your customers with a good after sales service! Creating a website and making it successful requires a good business model with a good supplier!

Why do e-commerce providers love their users?

The choice of a supplier is essential. However, you don’t have to dedicate yourself to a single dropshipping supplier. I’ll let you in on a secret… It is ink more interesting to negotiate with companies based in Europe that do not do basic dropshipping and produce unique products. You become a business contributor. Artisans and companies that produce small quantities or even start-ups are the best suppliers for you.

You have to look for a company or a wholesaler that allows dropshipping in Europe. You will bring them sales and that is why they will love you. The more you sell the more money you will make and so will they. You will then be able to claim advantages like price reduction compared to other people who will come and try to steal your supplier. Try it in France, you will be surprised how many companies are ok and can work with you with a CSV file. It’s up to you to adapt to your CMS. You will have a choice of products that is really unique compared to aliexpress and fast delivery times. Your store and your products depend a lot on your dropshipping supplier. Without a good product, no quality sales or service! This rule applies to Shopify, prestashop and other marketplaces. We are the merchants of the modern world who do e-commerce and seek to satisfy an end customer increasingly demanding. Take the time to find products from the supplier that are of quality!

Moreover, we often talk about BtoC in drop shipping. We establish a purchase price to sell to individuals, but it is quite possible to do B2b and sell to companies. It is a less competitive sector. I’ll give you an example: you ring the doorbell of all the yoga schools in your area and you offer them a directory with different products. In this wide range, some of them will order your products and then you take care of the shipping and bring them the products. Here, no need for Shopify, you can even start on a classic catalog as in the days of door to door. Few dare to do it and yet …

My opinion on the delivery times in dropshipping

On Aliexpress, one can be afraid of the long delivery times. By taking a stock in Europe, you can have a shorter delay but… Some products mentioned on Aliexpress that are stocked in Europe are not. Always test your supplier and keep your customers informed. Delivery times are not necessarily a concern, except for those in a hurry! International buyers are used to long lead times when they want a specific product. So no matter what dropshipping platform you use, you will have delays. You can optimize when you stock up. I have a tip for you to get a shorter delivery time in dropshipping.

The best delivery times in my opinion are obtained with stock, so for example by using amazon FBA. I think dropshipping allows you to test if you have a supplier that puts a lot of shipping time. Then switch to stock once you have sold for example 100 products. If your supplier delivers super fast, you can definitely stay on a dropshipping model. You can also choose to ship with Dhl, Fedex or Ups but it has a cost. Certainly, the direct delivery is better done by the carrier, but in this case it will be necessary to order and have a wholesale price and not buy by unit, otherwise your selling price would explode!

Also, it is important that your supplier has a module or platforms that allows you to easily manage the orders. As said, everything is fine with a CSV order file. You anyway, your job is not to ship the products even if ok, you can do it at the beginning. Your job is not to manage shipping, but the online creation of your site and the management of marketing that you will delegate one day I hope!

So delivery times should not be a hindrance but it is to be optimized and this will of course increase your conversion rates. In this case, try to find French suppliers. We have made in France quality machandises with a very high quality range of products that meet the European standards. It’s a jackpot if you decide to create a store while taking advantage of a good supplier in your own country. It also limits scams and you can find interesting opportunities with startups. In this case, I invite you to attend startup parties, such as those organized by the entreprendre network to find companies that are raising funds and looking for resellers! Whether it’s gadgets, ecological products for animals or anything else, there is a lot of innovation and interesting merchandise in France or in Europe.

First and foremost, find a dropshipping provider that is reliable, good in its category and offers quality products. I know you will be tempted to choose shopify and BigBuy but frankly, I don’t advise you to do so at the moment. Find a dropshipping supplier in europe or in france, then optimize your delivery times with stock and take care of your customers, many dropshippers do not.

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