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Cashback on Aliexpress: Best Combot for Dropshipping


The best cashback on Aliexpress with backit in dropshipping

If you want to increase your margins in dropshipping with a simple and free trick, I invite you to use a cashback application on aliexpress. cashback allows you to automate this very easily and even for free! The principle is simple, just order directly on aliexpress with the cashback extension and you will automatically receive up to 7% cashback on your orders. An interesting idea to increase your margins very easily.

What is cashback and is it a scam?

Cashback is not a scam, it is a concept that has been around for years! In fact, cashback appeared in the United States in the 1970s. At the beginning, it was a system that allowed bank payment card holders to benefit from a bonus at the end of the year representing 1 or 2% of the total amount of money they had paid during the year. Twenty years later, cashback has evolved and appeared on the Internet. Cashback has evolved into a system of discounts on online purchases. You have to make purchases online and in return, you will receive a discount. You can also receive all or just a part of the commission. However, you will have to be a member of the community of buyers of the site offering cashback.

Cashback has changed over the years and has become an integral part of the e-commerce world. It now allows people who benefit from it to earn some money. It should be noted that some cashback sites do not offer money directly. They can give you points. These points will be counted later and can be converted into money or simply into gifts in kind. Today, some sites allow you to benefit from cashback when you do dropshipping. This is the case with the cashback application on cashback. It allows dropshoppers to get discounts on their purchases.

Why should dropshippers use cashback on Aliexpress?

The biggest advantage for a merchant to use cashback on Aliexpress is that they will save money on their purchases. In fact, it is the platforms that offer discounts to merchants. As we mentioned earlier, in order to benefit from cashback, you as a merchant must join an affiliate network. This means that you will have to register on a cashback site (igraal, cashback, cashback holic, topcashback). This cashback site will earn money if you make a purchase. Specifically, cashback sites will earn money if they advertise or send a customer to the merchant’s website. As soon as the sale is completed, the merchant will have to pay the affiliate network. He will use a part of the sale price for this. Another part will be used to pay the cashback site directly. This is where the dropshopper will receive his money. If the dropshopper has previously used the cashback platform to make a purchase from the supplier, he will receive part of the commission directly into his account. This way, you will receive money and save on the purchase you made. Cashback on Aliexpress is therefore also an excellent way for you to increase your profit margin. Indeed, it allows you to buy for less and resell it at the price you set. In addition, it is very simple to understand its principle, you can easily know how it works.

What is the cashback principle on Aliexpress?

Cashback in dropshipping is very interesting. On top of that, you will get many benefits. However, you have to find the right cashback site. The principle is very simple:

  • You are registered for free on a cashback site like cashback which is now called back it.
  • When you place an order with one of our partner online stores, you need to activate your cashback extension.
  • Once you have placed your order, you will automatically receive cashback a few days later on an account belonging to the cashback company.
  • Once you have reached a certain amount, you can ask for the cashback to be paid into your account.

You should know that cashback is usually free! With cashback for Aliexpress (or even Bangood and other sites) it is quite possible to increase your margins on each order and is better than the Igraal extension. All the more reason to use it and succeed in selling even more because this saved budget will allow you to invest it in advertising on your dropshipping site! So you see that cashback is a very good solution if you want to take advantage of cashback on Aliexpress. Imagine already the profit margin you can make or all the savings you can invest in marketing. It’s the ideal solution if you want to develop your business a little more. Moreover, cashback in dropshipping with cashback has really interesting rates. These rates are so interesting that you should not miss this opportunity.

What are the cashback rates in dropshipping with Backit?

If I selected cashback, it’s because the rates are interesting and the process is simple. The extension also allows you to completely automate your order process with Oberlo or Dropified. On average, you can earn between 1 and 8.5% cashback on each order. There are even deals with over 90% cashback! A real bargain if you sell these products in dropshipping or if you just want to buy them personally. You will receive the money a few days later on the website. So we can say that the cashback commission rate in dropshipping depends on the type of product purchased. On the other hand, it would be wise to split your orders. Indeed, the maximum commission is 100 dollars per transaction if you make a purchase of more than 2000 dollars. In order to take advantage of the aliexpress cashback, you should place very small orders. You can see that the cashback is very interesting. In addition to saving you a lot of money, you will receive your money in record time. So you have to take advantage of it.

How long will it take for you to get paid?

The principle of cashback is simple, you receive a little money for having made a purchase on an online store. However, this amount is not directly transferred to your bank account. The cashback website will use this amount to credit your cashback account (the account you have with them). You may wonder when you will receive your money. In reality, there is no set time frame. It all depends on the cashback service you choose. Also in dropshipping, the cashback payment on aliexpress depends on the service you have chosen. In any case, you will be paid before the transaction is completed. In fact, before your customer is delivered by the company from which you purchased the item, you will receive your money. By the time the customer confirms that they have received their package, you will also have received your cashback. This way, you won’t have to wait too long to receive your money. Also, you need to choose a dropshipping supplier that can make the delivery as quickly as possible. Since you will need to receive your money before the end customer gets the products, you will need to choose a supplier that is quick in delivery. The best solution would be to find a supplier who is in the same geographical area as you and your customers. In this case, the delivery will be done very quickly.

How does Backit cashback work?

Cashback is a very surprising principle when you don’t know it! In reality, it is completely legal and simple to understand:

  • A site with a good visibility will propose to make cashback for stores.
  • These stores gain visibility and pay or set up a cost per action contract (here per sale on aliexpress) to gain visibility and increase their sales.
  • Each person who comes to buy in this store thanks to a cashback company allows this company to automatically say to aliexpress “this customer comes thanks to me”.
  • The sale is made, the store nibbles away at its margins to pay the cashback site.
  • The cashback site keeps a part of the sales for itself and the other part is paid to the cashbacker.

Thus, one could consider cashback as a kind of pyramid scheme. cashback is the solution that I find the most effective with the best margins for dropshipping. You can find here an affiliate link to install the free cashback extension of cashback. Good sales to you! Use this money and this tip to increase your margins and put it directly into advertising or improving your store!

How can I get more cashback?

Do you want to get more cashback? It’s possible. There are methods that will allow you to get a little more cashback. To be able to take advantage of this, you can use a reward card. You can choose between an American Express type reward card and other reward cards. Indeed, the company American Express or Amex has bank cards that you can use to get a little more cashback. This company is considered the pioneer of bank cards. It was inspired by the card models used in shopping stores. Today, some 112 million people are American Express cardholders worldwide (50 million in the US and only 1.2 million in France). If you are one of the lucky ones, you have the chance to get a little more cashback. It should be noted that there are several types of American Express cards. We can mention the Green card, the Gold card and the Platinium card. All these cards have different advantages. For example, the Green card allows you to earn loyalty points and shopping offers. Choose the card that suits you best and enjoy more cashback. Besides the American Express card, there are also other cards that will allow you to earn more cashback. However, as a merchant, there are a few mistakes you should avoid making.

Aliexpress Cashback: Some mistakes to avoid

It is true that thanks to the cashback site, you have many advantages compared to your competitors. Indeed, thanks to cashback, you can take money on the competition in terms of price. You will also be able to enjoy a much better profit margin. However, you must avoid abuse. Abuse could force marketplaces such as Aliexpress to blacklist you. You will then no longer be able to benefit from cashback. Of course, this is a real hindrance for you. However, there is no problem without a solution. Here, the solution is simply to open an account on several cashback sites. You can then divide your orders over several cashback sites and avoid being blacklisted. By creating multiple accounts on different cashback sites, your cashback tracker will reset every time you place an order on another site. So remember that Epn or back it is still the best cashback solution on Aliexpress. However, this does not prevent us from using other solutions in order to enjoy the benefits of cashback a little more.

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