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Automate Dropshipping Shopify: Stop Here


How to automate dropshipping on shopify and woocommerce?

Thanks to Shopify, prestashop or woocommerce, it is possible to automate the orders placed on your dropshipping store. Extensions and applications like Oberlo and dropified allow you to place orders automatically!

What can be automated in dropshipping?

As you can imagine, if you have 1000 orders on your online store, it would be complicated to manually place all these orders. Of course, Shopify and a few other applications can help you do this, but not completely! With Oberlo or Dropified, you can automate every order.

  • The plugin launches.
  • The page of aliexpress or your supplier opens.
  • The product is added to the cart.
  • The address of your customer is filled in automatically.
  • The payment method is also selected!
  • A message is automatically left for the supplier if necessary.
  • And here, with Oberlo, it is not possible to go any further.

Oh, there’s one more step: pressing the “submit payment” button. You must be thinking “why don’t they do that?”, they managed to automate everything but not to place the order automatically by clicking on the pay button! As amazing as it may sound, you will indeed have to manually press that button. Fortunately, 98% of the work was done automatically. It is simply a detail of legality and captcha, it must be the person who commits to click the button to take charge of the payment agreement and not a machine. The day will come when everything will be 100% automated because it happens that the customer’s address is not filled in automatically or “fullfill” and it must be filled in manually.

Applications to automate dropshipping on Shopify

Here are some applications that will allow you to automate your orders and processes on aliexpress and shopify.

Dsers, the leader in dropshipping order automation

This is the one I use the most! It is free up to 50 orders. After that, a subscription will be offered. Technically, you have enough to pay for this subscription if you exceed 50 orders :-). You can install Dsers directly here.

Its interface is simple and intuitive, it’s the current market leader that allows you to automate your order until the moment you press the payment button.

Also Oberlo, Similar to Dsers

Dropified, its competitor to automatically place your orders

Dropified is gaining momentum and for good reason, it has some differentiating elements from Dsers & Oberlo:

  • It allows you to manage several stores at the same time, so a multi-boutique management.
  • You can create boards to better manage the layout of your products and their management.
  • A supplier of several thousands of niche products to be shipped from the US is integrated. Honestly, this is a very negligible advantage as we search for our own suppliers 🙂
  • You can more easily find the basic data of a product.
  • Managing variants and multiple suppliers for the same product is much easier.
  • It imports aliexpress notes/ratings/reviews with the product, pretty top!
  • It can validate the captcha of aliexpress if needed!

But don’t forget that dropified is paid from its first use at currently 47$/month without necessarily having access to all the features.

How to automate orders on wordpress and woocommerce ?

Good news if you like dropified, it works very well with Woocommerce! There is also another plugin called Alidropship that allows you to import your products. This one is still a bit temperamental. Finally, there is Ryviu which will allow you to import and automate as well!

Personally, I use Oberlo for Shopify and Dropified for Woocommerce. If you’re looking to create your online store, feel free to take my free dropshipping training.

Here’s a whole list of other services that will automate orders on wordpress:

AliDropship Woo.

This WooCommerce dropshipping plugin helps you import products from AliExpress into your WooCommerce store. You can choose from an unlimited range of products using the custom filters built into the plugin. It also allows you to import product reviews, which will be an important aspect for the customer experience. The plugin allows you to place orders with dropshipping vendors with just one click. You can choose to place orders for individual products, or for multiple products in bulk. In fact, it automates the ordering process and saves you from manually placing orders for each product.

WooCommerce Dropshipping.

This is one of the most popular options to get help in managing your WooCommerce dropshipping business with AliExpress.Moreover, the plugin has an auto-update feature that ensures your site’s product information stays up to date with AliExpress product data. The plugin also offers a built-in image editor, which you can use to edit the images you import from AliExpress. It also helps you set pricing rules for individual products or globally for the entire store. You can purchase the plugin for $89.

WooCommerce Dropshipping Extension.

This WooCommerce extension allows you to send automatic notifications to your dropshipping partners when new orders are placed on your store. When multiple vendors are dropshipping with your products, the extension sorts the products based on the vendor and sends a proper notification. It also automatically attaches a PDF of the packing slip to the order notification mail. In fact, this allows blind dropshipping, as your customers would get your branding on their orders. Also, it allows the dropshipper to include a printout of the package in the shipment. Moreover, you can import a dropshipper’s inventory into your store, if it is provided in a CSV file.

The WooCommerce Dropshipping extension allows you to automate communication with your suppliers so that your customers’ orders are fulfilled quickly. The interface of the extension is not complicated, and you can configure it quite easily as well. You just need to add the required contact information of a supplier to add one, and you can view the list. In addition, you can also customize how you want the email notification to appear to providers. The extension’s single-site subscription will cost you $49, $99 for a 5-site subscription and $149 for a 25-site subscription.

Dropified is a quick tool to help you with your WooCommerce Dropshipping efforts. You can select a range of products you want to sell on your WooCommerce store and import them with just one click. Once you’ve created your store, things are pretty easy with Dropified. You can accept orders from your customers and the plugin will automatically place the order to the supplier. Once the supplier ships the product, it also sends tracking information to your customer. This means you don’t have to worry about coordinating the order fulfillment process.

WooCommerce Dropshipping. You can fully automate your WooCommerce Dropshipping store using this plugin. You will be able to source products from over 100 stores, including AliExpress and eBay. In addition, you will be notified in case a product is out of stock or its features or prices change. In addition, it has an efficient process for applying markups to all your products or just a select set of products. It is also very easy to customize the products in your store, as you can use the built-in tools available with Dropified. You can easily integrate this SaaS-based tool with your WooCommerce store. The Builder plan will cost you $47 per month.


With this plugin, you’ll be able to choose products from a handpicked list of over 50,000 products. Like some of the other plugins we’ve seen in this article, you can import products with a single click. The list of products is selected by choosing from the top selling products on AliExpress. The plugin guarantees professional product information with optimized titles and images. In addition, the plugin also offers an option to import customer reviews of products. DropshipMe only offers products from trusted suppliers, which saves you a lot of hassle. Moreover, you can use the advanced filters to choose the most suitable products on your store. Proper product branding is very important for a dropshipping store. This plugin offers a markup recommendation tool from which you can automatically apply markups. You can download the free plugin to get started, which you can use to import up to 50 products. Pricing is based on the number of products you want to import, starting at a one-time price of $29 for 100 imported products.


If you are specifically interested in AliExpress dropshipping on your WooCommerce store, you can use this plugin. AliExpress is essentially an online marketplace with a wide variety of products. Starting a dropshipping business with AliExpress is becoming especially popular among store owners. Fortunately, WooDropship helps you automate your dropshipping process with AliExpress. AliExpress dropshipping is a profitable dropshipping option tried by many, and you can easily manage to automate the process using WooDropship. The WooDropship integration allows you to import AliExpress products into your WooCommerce store quite easily. When you search for AliExpress products, you can also check the ePacket availability. Moreover, it offers features like product customization, price automation and automatic order fulfillment. With the basic package of WooDropship, you can import 3000 product variants and fulfill 100 orders per month. It will cost you $14 per month.

WooCommerce Dropshippers.

This plugin proves to be a great solution for WooCommerce dropshipping with a large number of satisfied users. Basically, this plugin helps you create an additional user role on the admin side of your WooCommerce. Once you create this role, you can automate the notification process and open a communication channel with your vendors. It gives you full control over the entire process, as you can track the progress of each of your orders at any time. Once a supplier has fulfilled the order, they can also notify you. In addition, suppliers can view the details of their sales on the store administration when they are logged in. And you will have a clear picture of the outstanding receivables of each supplier. The normal license for the plugin is $25.


YouDroop helps you build a successful dropshipping business. It provides a platform to help suppliers and retailers connect. Basically, suppliers can find many options to display their products. And retailers can have access to a wider range of products. You can easily import a large number of products into your WooCommerce store using a CSV file. And the free WordPress plugin helps you sync your WooCommerce store with the YouDroop platform. Overall, YouDroop offers a smoother process to help you with your WooCommerce dropshipping needs. The basic plan will cost you €59 per month. Visit YouDroop’s website for more details.

With this list, you have plenty to do to automate your orders on Woocommerce. Be aware that if you work with local producers or artisans, everything will work via CSV file.

Transparency: I may receive affiliate compensation for some of the links below, at no cost to you if you decide to purchase a paid plan. You can read our affiliate statement in our privacy policy. This site is not intended to provide financial advice. It is for entertainment purposes only.

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