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Understanding affiliation: How to do affiliation in dropshipping?


Affiliate marketing is a way to earn passive income by reselling products or services that you did not create. It is a way to make passive income on the web especially if you have excellent traffic or if you advertise. However, it is important to understand affiliate marketing before you start.

Understanding Affiliate Marketing: Affiliator, Affiliate and Ad Platform

The affiliate represents a person who will be able to promote and sell the items of another person. In effect, the affiliate is proposing products or services that can be marketed by the affiliate.

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In addition, there are several internet platforms, advertising sites or advertising agencies that offer to make a connection between the two parties. In this case, the affiliates will be able to find on this type of platform men, articles and services that the affiliators offer. Thus, they can contact the creator of the product or site to install a system to sell on their site or in their mailing.

What is the average commission paid?

The average commission is 50% in general. Of course, it all depends on the product you are going to sell and the proposed ad. The affiliate can indeed propose a lower or higher commission taking into account your different results.

So, if you sell an item worth $2000, you will automatically receive $1000.

Some examples of affiliate products

While doing affiliate marketing I was surprised by the products offered. For example, I would never have thought that ebooks and PDF books could actually be purchased on the Internet. Especially in relation to such bizarre topics as “dog training” or “how to be successful in real estate investing”. However, these are at the top of the list of affiliate products sold from some sites.

  • Thus, you can sell PDFs ranging from a few euros to several euros.
  • Access and codes to applications or services on websites.
  • Video training courses that can be downloaded directly or accessed on the advertiser’s website.

Ultimately, anything digital sells very well between individuals or small businesses.

Understanding Affiliate Marketing: Is it profitable to do affiliate marketing?

I’ve seen many Youtubers use affiliate marketing to supplement their income. Even though they don’t have more than 10,000 subscribers, they are able to make money simply because their subscribers trust them. Even if your audience is small, as long as it is qualified, it would be very interesting to create an affiliate sales system. Be careful to choose quality products that you have tested and not to disappoint your audience.

If you have a product to sell on the web, you will have a great advantage to try the affiliation. You will then get an army of sellers that you will have to control from time to time so that they respect your image and your editorial line. You will then gain a lot of backlinks that will help you improve your SEO and at the same time the visibility of your product.

Personally, I earn slightly less than a thousand euros per month by reselling affiliate products that I like. It is also a very good experience to set up an automated sales system and to find a way to make your investment on your blog or website profitable.

Understanding Affiliate Marketing: Who can do affiliate marketing?

If you have traffic or an audience, you have the opportunity to do affiliate marketing:

  • If you have a Facebook page or Instagram account with followers who follow you and like what you do, then you can offer them products that match your image.
  • If you make videos and podcasts on YouTube, you can very well place an affiliate link in the description of our video.
  • If you have a blog or a website that gets traffic, this is a good way to monetize and get revenue.

Others do paid advertising on Facebook or Google that redirects to affiliate products. Indeed, this is a very complicated method that can either prove itself or create problems for you because of the advertising budget. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Understanding affiliate marketing: How do you go about doing affiliate marketing?

With the development of the Internet, doing and understanding affiliation is no longer complicated. Indeed, with only the telephone it was easier to understand the affiliation. So, to successfully choose the best affiliate platforms, you will need to follow some sound advice. Initially, making money with affiliates consists of putting banners on internet platforms. The principle is simple when it comes to affiliate marketing, especially when you are blogging or when you have your own website. In this case, you have to promote the affiliate link that has been provided to you by the program you have chosen for the affiliate. This way, you will be free if you make income with the affiliate. In online business or affiliate marketing, one of the ways to monetize your blog is to open your own affiliate account.

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However, you can also use Amazon affiliate marketing. This will allow you to earn commissions through hosting or ebook promotion. Also, if it is web marketing, most advertisers offer variable rate commissions using trackers or cookies. On the other hand, beginners in affiliate marketing who generate income through sales receive commissions for each sale made.

Understanding affiliation : How to sell in affiliation ?

First step

First of all, in order to make sales, you must avoid marketing products that already have saturated markets. Affiliate links should not be placed just anywhere. Indeed, you always intend to market good quality products. However, these products are not necessarily the best selling ones on the market. In this case, if you start to promote products with high demand, you will face a very tough competition. Thus, it will be difficult for you to earn money with your website.

Second step

Consider experimenting with different ad styles. That way, you’ll know which ones work best with your target audience or niche. Your approach should be adaptive and take into account the products you sell as well as the audience. However, avoid offering your customers products that you will not be able to use. You should then choose the ads taking into account the requirements of the market you want to sell in.

Third step

Write an ebook to share documents and then publish them on the blog. Indeed, value your experience and your skills and bring to your site visitors looking for additional information. Moreover, within the written ebook, you must think of putting links going on the platform of the company.

Understanding Affiliate Marketing: Step Four

In order to master the sales or product promotion process, you need to pay close attention to social platforms. Indeed, these platforms have a considerable impact on your positioning in the results after a search on Google. The latter being the number one search engine, helps some platforms by offering them very useful tools. Among these different social platforms that offer links, we have Facebook and Twitter. Indeed, these two social networks offer links to comments and also to tweets.

Fifth step

If the audience for your message is older, consider putting a larger font on your website. This way, they will be satisfied, because your site will be easier to read for them.

Step six

You can put deadlines on some of your affiliate products. This way, you encourage your customers to make the purchase. Indeed, they will have to decide quickly to buy in order not to miss the offer. This technique is very effective in boosting your sales.

Seventh step

By choosing to associate yourself with different niche markets, you will have many advantages. Indeed, it is better to enjoy the little you have than to wait for a larger audience before promoting your product.

Step Eight

You should always be aware of current trends that may impact your industry. This is because commissions change based on CPA, clicks and conversion rates. So, if you don’t keep up with the latest industry news and techniques used by your competitors, you will be seriously behind them. In this case, you will have to generate regular and continuous traffic for your article to be profitable.

Step Nine

Limit the number of banner ads you place on your website. If you overload your site, it will not be professional enough. In this case, you need to put enough content on your site and harmonize the placement of banners.

Tenth step

Here you need to work on increasing your subscribers on Google quickly.

Understanding Affiliate Marketing: What is an affiliate program?

The free affiliate program is the program through which an online business application or platform offers a set of sites to promote their services or products using text links or banners. Depending on the case, the different affiliates receive a remuneration in the form of a commission on the different sales, the installed applications or according to the different commercial contacts found with the help of the codes or links. Indeed, the conditions of the remuneration are detailed and presented in an affiliation contract. To track the actions or transactions generated by the various visitors, we use the Internet protocol through discount codes or hyperlinks. In addition, this protocol allows for the accounting of the different remunerations due to the visitors sent by affiliation.

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Moreover, the affiliate program can be managed directly by the merchant or through affiliate platforms. This is how the principle of affiliation came into being thanks to affiliation platforms and merchant sites. Indeed, the technique is booming in influencer marketing, especially on social platforms. Thus, influencers have the possibility to monetize certain social publications without collaborating with any brand. To do so, they just have to find a discount code or a link on a specialized site.

Understanding affiliate marketing: The best affiliate marketing platforms


The clickbank platform is a platform specialized in the sale of physical and digital items. In fact, it is used by about 200 million people. This platform is very useful for most bloggers who work in small niches. In addition, clickbank has a specialized tool for detecting marketers based on geographical areas, industry and age.


In short, affiliation is a very good way to make more income. Indeed, to set up a good affiliation campaign, it is important to choose an efficient platform. Moreover, affiliation is very useful for bloggers, because it represents an excellent e-marketing technique. It allows websites to promote their services or products by offering a remuneration in return.

Transparency: I may receive affiliate compensation for some of the links below, at no cost to you if you decide to purchase a paid plan. You can read our affiliate statement in our privacy policy. This site is not intended to provide financial advice. It is for entertainment purposes only.

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