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We’ve guided over 600 students in the creation of high-performance websites (e-commerce & dropshipping, affiliation, blogging), optimized to generate income through SEO. Join our community to build your financial independence together. 🇩🇰 🇺🇸 🇩🇪 🇫🇷 🇸🇪


A member of the French Navy

Peii Henry, the founder, began his entrepreneurial career in SEO while he was still in the French Navy, and it was on his return from a mission in Syria and Yemen that he decided to devote 1000% of his time to his SEO-optimized e-commerce website business.

After 6 months, these SEO Dropshipping websites already generate more than the commander of his anti-aircraft Fregate “Chevalier Paul”.

Once his request for resignation was accepted by the higher authorities, Peii henry was already generating more than $10,000 a month with 100% automated SEO e-commerce sites.


Leaving the army for Freedom

After years of hard work, now that peii henry had left the army, now that money was no longer an issue, he decided to move to Thailand, where most digital nomads live.

He devoted his first year in Thailand to enjoying, visiting, and savoring the immense quality of life available in this country where safety, service, people, are incredible.



Living in Bangkok, network expansion

In 2019, Peii Henry has the good fortune to be able to build with friends the largest French-speaking network of experts in the field of online business, each of whom has a skill that is hard to find on the internet. With this network, Peii is able to grow its business and also deliver high-quality personalized coaching to its students.


We Create the best SEO Course

In 2020, we opened our very first online course called “SEOARMY”, an accessible course on Dropshipping and SEO (which made Peii Henry financially free). Over 150 students joined us in the first year, and more than $3 million was generated by our students that year.

This SEO Dropshipping course is still up to date and available*



Focus and Scalling e-Commerce

After his 2020 year with this dedicated company and his online training project, Peii Henry decided to make a switch back to launch new Sites (e-commerce and Affiliation).


Focus on Multi-Businesses

Hundreds of sites were launched, and we also proposed to our students and community the creation of a turnkey site sales service.

It was a great success, and the customers who invested in a website with us are now generating automatic income.

We continue to propose Off-market Offers to customers who ask us for special requests.



Focus and Scalling SEO Courses

In 2023, we’ll be focusing our energies on optimizing and improving mentoring within our training courses, our aim being to continue to enjoy a good e-reputation.

We’re well on the way to international expansion, with all the advantages that artificial intelligence has to offer.


Coming soon...​ Stay in touch

This year, 2024, I’d like to focus on increasing the reach of my seoarmy training (seo dropshipping training) and also my SEO pro training. These 2 training courses have the advantage of several years of activity, and are now 100% optimized for the best possible experience for my students, so I can scale much higher and continue to contact companies of all sizes to offer them professional training.


We became popular with these 3 pillars


Professional online SEO training programs on SEO, e-commerce, dropshipping, blogging, lead capture, affiliation, Shopify, wordpress etc…. Over 600 satisfied students, 4 years of experience. Best seller in France.


Our SEO agency works with most of the major e-commerce brands, affiliation, lead capture and blogging management. We work on long-term projects that deliver results and an incredible customer experience.


Visit our YouTube channel and watch dozens of free tutorials to help you build a successful SEO website, Affiliation, ecommerce, dropshipping, lead capture, hundreds of guides to help you grow your sales.